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(L to R): Principal Adam Camacho, Asst. Principals Katie Bendix (O-Z), Celeste Barnette (H-N), & Bobby Caughey (A-G)
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 Position Name Extension Website
 Principal Adam Camacho  x5002  
 Principal’s Secretary Leah Ryan-Sonnich x5002  
 Receptionist Maureen Keyohara x5003  
 Assistant Principal (A-G) Bobby Caughey  x5005  
 Assistant Principal (H-N) Celeste Barnette  x5007  
 Assistant Principal (O-Z) Katie Bendix  x5006  Website
 Assistant Principals' Secretary  Leslie Luna  x5008  
 Assistant Principals' Secretary  Andrea Strickland  x5004  
 Registrar Bridget Sabin x5011  Website
 Attendance Secretary Marcelle Montes x5027  Website
 Counseling Secretary Chelsea Levron x5076  Website
 Health Technician Pandora Johnson x5021  Website
 Media Tech (Mustang Commons)  Kalani Crosby x5171  Website
 ASB Director Rod Keillor x5028  Website
 ASB Finance Teresa Correa x5155  Website
 Foundation Executive Director Leslie Saldana x5152  Website
 Athletic Director Scott Jordon x5167  Website
 Athletics Secretary Megan Thompson x5167