Medication Authorization

  • Only medication prescribed by the student's physician as being necessary to be taken by the student in the manner listed on the Authorization Form should be brought to school.  The form must be complete and include parent, student (when applicable), and prescribing physician signatures.
  • Medication brought to school to be administered to the student according to provisions listed on the Authorization Form should be in its original prescription container, or for non-prescription medication, in its original manufacturers container, clearly marked with the student's name, the prescribing physician, the medication, route, dosage, purpose, and pharmacy.
  • All medications will be kept in a secure place.  Any special instructions for storage or security measures should be written by the prescribing physician and delivered to the school health office so that such instructions can be followed.
  •  If continuance of medication is necessary, a new Authorization for Administration of Medication form must be completed each new school year.  


2017-18 Authorization for Medication