Dress Code Policy

San Dieguito H.S. Academy takes pride in the individuality of its students. With that individuality comes a diverse sense of style and fashion. However, all students are expected to adhere to our dress code and take responsibility for their choice of clothing:

•     No drug or alcohol related designs or insignias on clothing.

•     No violent or sexually offensive, crude, or vulgar designs or insignias on clothing.

•     No designs which advocate racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice.

•     No gang affiliated clothing.

•     Shoes must be worn at all times.

•     Clothing should not demean or exploit the wearer.

•     Clothing must not interfere with the learning of others-- in other words, clothing should not be so revealing that others cannot concentrate on learning.

•     Underwear must not be visible.

This code applies to all school related functions and events.

Students who break the Dress Code will be spoken to by an assistant principal on their first offense. They will be required to remedy the problem immediately, for example by putting on another item of clothing, or turning a shirt inside out.

A second offense will result in a referral for defiance.

Students who attempt to attend a school function and are in violation of the dress code will be denied admittance or sent home.