Loss of Privileges

"Loss of Privileges" List
What is the Loss of Privileges List?
Students with excessive tardies (10 or more cumulative) and truances (5 or more cululative) are placed on the LOP list, and must attend detention.  Students can verify detention hours owed and sign up for detention in the Assistant Principals' office.

Detentions are held every Late Start Wednesday, 7:20-9:20 a.m., in the Media Center.  The dates that detention will be held for the 2017-2018 school year are:

   September 20                                December 6 and 13                 March 7 and 21

   October 4 and 18                                    January 10 and 24                         April 18

   November 8 and 15                              February 7 and 21                 May 2 and May 23


Each Tardy is documented by the teacher in Aeries. Homework/make up work is provided at the teacher's discretion.

→ 10th cumulative tardies (per quarter) = 2 Hours of detention.
                Student placed on LOP List.  Parent receives call and email.

Each Truancy will result in an automated call made to parent phones and email.  Homework/make up work is provided at the teacher's discretion.

5th cumulative truancy (per quarter) = 4 Hours of detention. (2 Late Starts)
                 Student placed on LOP list. Parent receives call and email.

Students that do not serve detentions for their excessive tardies and truancies will have extra-curricular privileges revoked (attending school dances, sporting events, participation in after school groups, etc.)

We believe that each student is entitled to maximum instructional time each day, each period. Students are expected to arrive to classes on time and attend every class.

*Tardiness is any late appearance of a student beyond the scheduled time that a class begins.

*Truancy is any unexcused absence that has not been cleared by a parent/guardian within 48 hours of the absence.

Excessive tardiness/truancies are disruptive to learning and disrespectful to everyone in the classroom. Teachers will take accurate attendance and hold students accountable for their behavior.  Administration will support teachers and hold students accountable through the “Loss of Privileges” (LOP) process.   Parents will support student attendance through timely clearing of absences (within 48 hours).  The Attendance Office will send an automated call home for every period absence or tardy.

Habitual tardiness/truancies may result in referral to SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) and/or involuntary transfer to Sunset High School.