Career Pathways

What Do Our Kids Need To Know?

How Do We Get There?

Students need to recognize and develop their interests and skills to prepare them for a global workforce. Students must be able to access resources, process information, and think dynamically in order to become confident, effective communicators and life-long learners.

Career Pathways supports and develops programs to provide students with the necessary skills for tomorrow’s workforce. We present cutting edge technology and introduce students to both traditional and non-traditional careers, teaching life skills that lead to success after high school. Our staff continually updates their skills, vocabulary, and experiences in the world of work. We strive to maintain the human connection in curriculum and new technologies.

To give students an optimal learning experience, SDA partners with many local businesses and community members. The real-life application of learning is essential to achieving our goal.

Ms. Katie Bendix                    

Assistant Principal
760-753-1121 x5006
"Every enterprise has to become a learning institution and a teaching institution. Organizations that build in continuous learning in jobs will dominate the twenty-first century"
Peter Drucker